Cardiac Rhythm Management Devices – Market Insights – United States

The US market for cardiac rhythm management devices will grow through 2032, with trends varying by device segment. The COVID-19 global pandemic had a negative impact on some CRM procedure volumes in 2020, followed by a period of recovery. Growth in market revenue will be driven by increasing adoption of premium-priced devices such as leadless pacemakers and S-ICDs. However, increasing competition in the leadless pacemaker and S-ICD markets will put downward pressure on prices and consequently limit growth to some extent.

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the state of the US cardiac rhythm management device market from 2019 through 2032.

The generation of clinical data will be an important competitive factor for disruptive CRM devices.

Which regulatory and reimbursement changes are expected due to clinical evidence?

How has clinical data offset negative press and physician perception of market competitors?

How will the market share dynamics of different device segments be altered by ongoing clinical trials?

Adoption of innovative devices will offset weakening revenue for traditional devices in the US CRM device market.

What is the predicted uptake of novel devices such as leadless pacemakers and S-ICDs? Will leadless pacemakers and S-ICDs become the standard of care?

To what extent does the uptake of premium-priced devices offset declining revenue?

How does the success of a company’s ICM device affect sales of other CRM devices? Will the next-generation ICMs offered by other companies be able to compete with Medtronic’s first-mover advantage in this segment?

What new technological improvements will give companies a competitive edge?

What key factors will play a role in the expected uptake of leadless dual-chamber pacemakers following the approval of Aveir DR?

The mature CRM device market will remain highly saturated, spurring competitors to innovate to achieve growth.

How can individual competitors realize growth in this large but saturated market?

How do epidemiological trends and new technology influence growth in different product segments?

How will the market change with the recent approval of the first leadless dual-chamber pacemaker?

Will mergers and acquisitions play a key role in this device market?

What impact did the COVID-19 pandemic have on the CRM market and how long will recovery take?

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