Patents Preview and Current Patents Gazette

Track pharma, medtech, and medical patents

Stay on top of the novel pharma drug and technology landscape with EPO, USPTO and WIPO patents summarised in a simple format by scientists for scientists.

Patents Preview

Scientific analysis of patent research at your fingertips

An expertly curated weekly report of pharmaceutical patents, written in a simple format covering all new therapeutically active entities, including: chemical compounds, polypeptides, antibodies, and more. Save time for your pharma R&D with the most recent drug patent activity.

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Current Patents Gazette

Expert pharmaceutical patent analysis

An ultra-fast alerting bulletin covering all relevant pharmaceutical patents. Our expert patent analysis focuses on each patent’s commercial relevancy and provides the context of prior patents filed by the same inventor. Current Patents Gazette is organized in the following sections:

  • New Compounds
  • New Uses, Formulations and Methods of Treatment
  • Chemical Processes and Combinatorial Technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Devices and Equipment
  • European and US Granted Patents
  • UK Initial AO Application

Exclusive drug, pharmaceutical, and medical patent insights

  • Inform your R&D strategy and commercialization planning using the latest inventions and patents for your target drug or medicine
  • Independently analyze patents to support your pharma drug and technology research
  • Harness patent analysis to explore new trends, research, technology, chemicals, treatment methods, and biomarkers in your therapeutic area
  • Know when competitor pharma companies are working on similar compounds or technologies and minimize the risk of infringement
  • Look up patents to find and target innovative pharmaceutical companies to invest in