Value Communication

We are pioneers in evidence-based market access solutions. Value communication encompasses value proposition development and global value dossier creation, which are underpinned by the generation of evidence from our in-house specialists in health economics, systematic review, clinical outcomes assessment, and health technology assessment.

Our vision is to provide a solution-focused, flexible approach to evidence generation and subsequent value communication that enables our clients to bring products to market successfully. We partner with clients over the lifecycles of their brands and facilitate communication of evidence-based value – both internally and externally.

Global value dossiers/Reimbursement dossiers

Experience generating market access tools to communicate the value of your product

Value proposition development

Understand and communicate the unique value that your product brings to the market

Intelligent medical writing

Development of communication material that is technically robust and expertly written

Publications and manuscripts

Effective communication of your data in a logical and insightful manner

Objection handlers

A tool allowing you to address commonly encountered objections to your product