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Is your finger on the pulse of the medtech market?

Marketrack is the only solution providing you with timely, global brand share tracking data across the medtech industry. Fully customizable, Marketrack accurately measures how you and your competitors are performing in the marketplace and enables you to:

  • Track data and uncover valuable insight on market trends – monthly or quarterly
  • Understand national total market values, market shares and ASPs
  • Analyze the evolution of brand shares as they change over time

Marketrack is the Market Research professional’s guide to understanding the current and potential market performance, gaining a competitive advantage and managing your company’s resources effectively.

Track your brand share in the medtech market

  1. Determine who are the major market players
  2. Indicate who is succeeding and why with in-depth procedure growth and product launch data
  3. See how brand shares are changing over time
    – Analyze more than 10,000 brands across an evolution timeline
    – Understand how brands have been received, what factors drive their success, and which ones drive their failure in the marketplace
  4. Detailed market performance analysis and the ability to accurately measure how you and your competitors are performing using data models that feature projections of average selling price, market values and market shares

Marketrack at a glance

What we track:

  • Procedure growth
  • Device ratios
  • Technology adaptation
  • Product launches
  • Market share by brand
  • ASPs by brand

Our output:

  • High-level trends in market share and size
  • Brand comparisons and market composition metrics
  • Price trends across a variety of geographies

Breadth of our coverage:

  • 10,000+ brands
  • 20 medtech markets (and growing)
  • Over 35 countries worldwide

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