Generics & Manufacturing

Curated active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), patent, market performance and manufacturing data

Generics and manufacturing data provides patent, market intelligence and loss of exclusivity forecast insights on APIs as well as API manufacturers, finished dose manufacturers and marketers’ intelligence.

Grow your business and stay ahead of the competition

  1. Identify new products for your portfolio
  2. Pinpoint loss of exclusivity of investigate patent scenarios across major markets
  3. Find and evaluate potential suppliers, partners and customers based on their capabilities, experience, geographic presence, regulatory filings and more
  4. Compare and monitor competitors

Curated data for high-confidence decisions

  • API insights
    Select the best portfolio candidates by using market performance, approval, patent and manufacturing information, all aggregated at API level

  • Structured company data
    Find the right corporations and subsidiaries using manufacturing information, regulatory filings and inspections, GMP certificates and import and agency inspection information

  • trademark watching

    Manually validated
    Make decisions with confidence using data that has been validated by an editorial team using primary research

  • Patent and Global IP Litigation intelligence
    Analyze patents, Summary of Product Characteristics, patent challenges and global IP litigation data to support key business decisions

  • biopharma regulatory solutions

    Easily integrated 
    Access data via a customized data feed or data feed application programming interface (API)

61,000+ Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (small molecules and biologics)

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