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From our global partner network of 100 IP law firms representing 240 countries, to our advanced technical infrastructure, Ipan is committed to advancing the industry and providing customers with a complete IP services experience, enabling them to focus on innovation rather than administration.

Ipan renewals services

Managing your patent and trademark renewals through Ipan decreases your costs and enables your organization to do more with less, whilst ensuring that your most valuable assets are safely maintained. That’s why many of the world’s largest corporations entrust Ipan with the handling of their IP renewals.

  1. Simple
    Communications, invoicing, payments and currency management are centralized, giving you true peace of mind.
  2. Efficient
    Ipan processes are designed for efficiency, enabling you to focus more time on the most important business needs.
  3. Safe
    With decades of experience, and a worldwide network of leading IP agents, Ipan ensure the security of your IP rights.

Service features


  • Ipan and its professional network of global partners are constantly on guard for you, ensuring that your portfolio is safe and secure, regardless of jurisdiction or type of IP.

Payment expertise

  • Ipan has experience in managing and executing world-wide payments, in multiple currencies, directly to PTO’s and via the 100+ agent network.

Advanced technical integration

  • Ipan can interface with your existing IP management system, eliminating the need for manual processes.

Cost efficiency

  • Ipan makes it easy for you to budget, providing fixed, predictable fees with no hidden or additional costs.

Administrative simplicity

  • All documents, procedures and processes are managed by Ipan in a comprehensive, streamlined service.

Local IP expertise

  • By combining our in-house expertise with our global partner network, you will benefit from a global service with genuinely local expertise.

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