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Maximize the value of your innovation investments

Get the most long-term value from your innovations with IP Payments – the market-leading patent payment and trademark renewal services from Clarivate Analytics. IP Payments is highly efficient and reliable, plus nimble to meet your organization’s unique requirements.


Our web-based portal, Connected IP Payments, provides you with instant access to current patent and trademark status, as well as extensive, interactive tools to promote informed decision making. Utilizing our industry-leading technology and decades of expertise, we work with you to optimize the payment process, including:

  • An adjustable instruction process with pay all, pay selected and ad hoc options
  • Customizable reminder and decision schedules (early, quarterly, monthly or ad hoc)
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Portfolio integrity verification process to identify missing data and improperly formatted numbers or dates before payment submission
  • Special reports to identify new patents or trademarks due, as well as IP you previously earmarked as ‘undecided’ about maintaining

IP Payments also offers a robust post-payment monitoring system designed to expedite tracking and reporting, and validate that your rights are maintained. Post-payment services include:

  • Notification of discrepancies between your records and official patent and trademark office records, with special research assistance to correct the data and ensure on-time application of payment
  • Tracking of official certificates and confirmation of payments, with automated electronic follow up for certificates not received in a timely manner


Leverage leading technology and IP expertise

IP Payments is a centralized service running on sophisticated, internally developed software designed exclusively to manage the payment process for patents, trademarks and designs. Accessible via the Connected IP Payments portal, our web-based solution contains built-in controls to maximize accuracy.

All of our payment processes are continuously reviewed and refined using Lean Six Sigma methodologies to increase efficiency and speed – and in turn reduce risk. Additionally, IP professionals with extensive expertise in payment practices and legal matters in specific jurisdictions monitor rules and fees activity in those jurisdictions.

With IP Payments from Clarivate Analytics, you can:

  • Rest assured your rights are being handled with the utmost attention to detail
  • Benefit from world-class software that ensures a reliable payment process
  • Be confident with the most accurate, efficient and well-defined approach to protecting your IP


Make decisions and report on payments with easy web access

Through an intuitive online dashboard, Connected IP Payments offers a comprehensive view of your IP portfolio anytime, anywhere, allowing you to increase your productivity, ensure data integrity and quickly confirm your rights are protected. Connected IP Payments enables you to:

  • Promote informed decision making with robust, interactive decision-making tools
  • Add and edit cases – and submit last-minute decisions – online, with all the information you need at your fingertips
  • View, track and report on payment status through a centralized access point with real-time data and configurable reporting capabilities
  • Create budget estimates quickly and see the total lifetime cost of a patent or trademark
  • Sort/group by any field, such as a specific client or attorney

A flexible, end-to-end solution, Connected IP Payments transforms your patent payment and trademark renewal services with online management, allowing you to instantly confirm that your rights are protected.


Streamline the management of your global IP rights

No service is better equipped to help you streamline your worldwide payment process. Our IP Payments offering calculates payment due dates using the most comprehensive IP Rules database in the industry, so you can be confident you haven’t missed a law change in any of the nearly 400 global jurisdictions we cover.

With IP Payments you will:

  • Navigate the nuances associated with ever-changing fee schedules
  • Benefit from attractive rates as a result of our volume purchases
  • Overcome the complexity associated with managing multiple invoices and purchasing multiple currencies
  • Eliminate the need to coordinate activities, including follow-up communications on data discrepancies with local agents around the world

In addition, you’ll be able to solidify third-party revenue streams by consolidating the management of licensed assets. Options include extra auditing, special reports and protection against unintentional abandonment. You can also forecast the cost of maintaining rights in future years, via our Connected IP Payments website, based on current IP Rules and fees.


Augment your payment process with expert advice

Clarivate Analytics guides your payment process to ensure due dates and actions are met accurately and on time. For more complex, strategic matters, or to get the most from your IP organization, engage our IP Management Consulting Services team to:

  • Better understand the scope of your IP portfolio
  • Identify and correct any inaccuracies in your data to ensure your rights are protected
  • Optimize your policies, processes and procedures using industry best practices and leading technology solutions
  • Develop collaborative IP management processes to ensure timely input on maintenance decisions from key stakeholders
  • Determine the best course of action on portfolio management issues beyond IP maintenance

Our consulting team has the legal, IP and technology expertise to partner with you and help you implement tailored solutions for all your IP management needs.


Focus limited resources on strategy

Vigilant management of your intellectual property portfolio is essential to maximizing the value of your IP assets. Yet, keeping up with renewals and payments can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process.

Clarivagte Analytics expedites patent payments and trademark renewals for thousands of clients throughout the world. We have all the elements in place to manage this complex process so that you can utilize valuable staff time on core business activities. You can be confident that we have the highest levels of accountability.

Let Clarivate Analytics make your payments for you, and you will:

  • Be assured of accurate and timely payments to keep your rights protected everywhere you do business
  • Free up your staff time to focus on your primary business
  • Have better information at your fingertips to plan and budget maintenance, enhance overall decision making and ensure that your IP strategy is aligned with your business strategy

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