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The software solution for IP experts

Unycom provides comprehensive management tools for mid-size, large and global corporations.

Tailored to your internal processes, Unycom supports the entire IP lifecycle.

With Unycom, corporate IP teams can automate docketing processes, gain a global overview of their IP portfolio, benefit from best-practice workflows, and manage all kinds of IP and supporting cases.

Why choose us?

  1. Scalable number of users
    Use functional roles to determine different levels of access authorizations. This includes permission to perform certain actions or to view or edit specific file types in the system.
  2. Business and data integration
    Unycom offers a seamless integration of internal and external IP stakeholders to enable a more efficient collaboration. Unycom also supports an easy integration of incoming IP data and documents from PTOs or a portfolio migration.
  3. Professional IT services
    Managed IT services ensuring system availability, integration with ERP systems and ongoing user and configuration support.

Solutions for excellence

Easily handle and manage the volume of your IP assets

Stay on top of internal and external IP processes to make and implement the right decisions.

  • Flexibly structure IP assets, including third party IP, into portfolios.
  • Plan your IP costs and create accurate budgets.
  • Manage all IP and supporting case types in one system and use it to create and control related business processes.
  • Monitor competitive activity and import related third party patents to watch for potential infringement.

Access decision-relevant data

Unycom provides one source of knowledge for informed decision-making and integrated cost forecasting. ​

  • Use pre-configured best-practice workflows or adapt them to your needs – by defining exactly who needs to know what and when.
  • Analyze important IP data based on integrated analytics and customized reports and dashboards.
  • Provide decision-makers with the data they need to make informed filing, renewal and other decisions.

Get rid of unnecessary friction in your IP processes

Enable seamless communication and collaboration in and outside the organization.

  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders in IP valuation, classification and decision processes.
  • Personalize your entry point(s) to the system based on your role. Manage and filter your task list, customize your reports, organize your favorites.
  • Store and document decisions and documents in one central system. Rely on the fast, secure and fully electronic transmission.

Reduce the workload on your in-house team

Reduce time-consuming manual steps in your IP processes with automation or outsource to professional teams at Clarivate.​

  • Securely and automatically transmit renewal decisions to Clarivate and let us take care of the required payments.
  • Instruct Clarivate and other service providers with EP validations, recordals, translations, title updates, and more.
  • Automate the docketing of PTO documents and data in the system.

Unlocking the full potential of IP

Clarivate is bringing together a unique set of capabilities that enables our customers to unlock the full potential of IP. We’re removing the friction in key business processes so you can make better decisions.

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