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Patent Search & Analytics

The patent intelligence partner you can trust.

At Clarivate, we provide you with actionable insights to improve the quality and speed of your decision-making throughout the IP lifecycle.

Understanding the contours of the patent landscape and what relevant prior art exists is complex. Yet, this insight is crucial for making profitable patent investments and avoiding potential infringements. Our patent research team is dedicated to helping you navigate the IP landscape.

Leaders in expertise, depth and scale

  1. True experts.
    Rely on the world’s most skilled patent research team, with expertise in your technology, patent law, and research theory. Our in-house experts, from 11 offices worldwide, search in multiple languages, using the best resources available.
  2. A trusted partner.
    Leverage decades of experience in serving nearly 2,000 corporations and law firms, so you can make your most important IP decisions with peace of mind.
  3. Global support, local delivery.
    Benefit from a local service on a global scale, with collaborative support in your time zone and language.

End-to-end search and analytics services to meet your needs


Develop well-crafted patent applications for the right inventions that save downstream prosecution costs and improve allowance rates.

  • Determine patentable inventions.
  • Scrutinize inventions before further investment to streamline costs.
  • Support efficient patent application drafts that improve allowance rates.

Freedom to operate

Have clarity when defining your next steps when making, using or selling new products, regardless of where you are in the product lifecycle.

  • Go to market with confidence.
  • Protect market entry plans by defining last-minute design changes or pursuing a license prior to the product launch.

Invalidity and Scour the EarthTM

Support the strongest argument for invalidating a patent when facing a complaint, taking post-grant action, or building your assertion strategy.

  • Defend against high-stakes complaints.
  • Help reduce competition by invalidating competitors’ patents through post-grant procedures.
  • Evaluate threats or build negotiating leverage in licensing deals by assessing competitive patent strength.

Technology intelligence

Understand the commercial and technical activity within the most relevant spaces.

  • Guide your R&D strategies and decision making.
  • Assess changing market dynamics.
  • Identify unknown or new competitors, potential partners and emerging technology trends.

Competitor benchmarking

Address questions on competitors’ IP portfolios and R&D strategies, independently or relative to your market position.

  • Identify threats to your market share and discover gaps for exploitation.
  • Identify emerging threats or partnership opportunities, innovation trends, and areas of profitability.
  • Adopt response strategies to your competitors’ changing focus areas.

Portfolio analysis

Audit your full patent portfolio to optimize performance, reduce costs and stay aligned with your business objectives.

  • Understand the composition of an IP portfolio and areas of strength or weakness.
  • Establish alignment between your portfolio and products, as well as product pipeline.
  • Identify monetization or cost-saving opportunities.

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