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Derwent Innovation is the leader in global patent intelligence and collaboration. Work smarter with our intuitive user interface for essential research awareness and intelligence. In today’s fast-paced and global IP environment, the ability to act fast and with confidence is imperative. With Derwent Innovation the ability is yours. Derwent Innovation contains:

  • Broad global coverage to over 110M published patents 136M papers, journals, books, conference proceedings and citation data all the way back to 1900 to identify new and emerging markets
  • Unmatched patent content with the new enhanced global patent authority, Derwent World Patent Index (DWPI) which makes understanding technology and innovation easy.
  • The ability, regardless of experience, to search with confidence and perform deep IP research with patent pending capability through Smart Search
  • Access to large volumes of data with interactive analysis and visualisations
  • The ability to utilise powerful capabilities to search, analyse and collaborate efficiently and productively with other Institutions and research bodies
  • The ability to integrate your own data with Derwent Innovation to provide trusted insights


  1. 80 % of technical and scientific information is only available through patent publications
  2. 50+ countries globally are covered by DWPI representing over 30 languages
  3. 15% of corrections made by 800 strong Clarivate editorial staff, with over 600,000 corrections made annually
  4. 24,000 + DWPI Manual Codes that that provide uniformity and accuracy for searching and analysis
  5. DWPI is used and trusted by over 40 patent offices worldwide
  6. Utilized extensively by large worldwide corporations in the medtech, engineering, pharmaceutical and software industries.
  7. 96000 patents processed by Clarivate Analytics per week