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The sheer magnitude of drug discovery research has made it increasingly difficult to stay on top of the latest news and trends influencing the industry, especially the topics that are of the upmost importance to your individual research.  With BioWorld Science, you can now receive timely intelligence on discovery and preclinical research to support crucial drug R&D decisions at the earliest stages.  These reports are easily personalized, with the ability to quickly limit your search to the period of time, drug name, patent number, company, university, institute, therapeutic category or group, type of compound, or information source relevant to your research.

Daily reports are prepared from extensive sources providing access to an average of 25 late-breaking news articles. The daily headlines are delivered directly to your email, so you can quickly link to the full news stories on the BioWorld Science website. These extensive news reports cover developments at companies, research institutes, literature and congresses, such as:

  • Conference highlights from more than 300 congresses
  • News about the most promising compounds entering preclinical development and new mechanisms of action
  • Key studies from all major peer-reviewed journals
  • Practical and accurate information, such as chemical structure images
  • News categorized by all major diseases for quick reviews
  • Essential chemical and pharmacological updates
  • Experimental pharmacology news that delineates drug/receptor and enzyme/target cell interactions.
  • Newly reported experimental models
  • Key data readouts from clinical studies
  • Updates on the relationships between genes and diseases to gain insight into underlying biological mechanisms and identify potential new drug targets
  • And much more

BioWorld Science also offers a unique value proposition: link seamlessly to corresponding records in Integrity for a deeper dive and analysis.

The drug discovery landscape shifts too quickly to rely on decisions not based on the most up to date research available.  By signing up for BioWorld Science today you’ll ensure that you never be without the intelligence you need to make the crucial R&D decisions you make every day.

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