The complete epidemiology market picture

Confidently size your market and understand target patient populations using a single source of epidemiology intelligence, featuring a unique combination of incidence and prevalence literature review, in-depth disease-specific forecasts and U.S. claims-based insights.

  1. Benchmark your forecasts with epidemiology data on the total potential and addressable market.

  2. Validate your investments and identify growth opportunities using bottom-up forecasting.

  3. Confidently estimate drug-treated populations and understand how populations will change over time.

Broad and deep coverage of disease epidemiology

  • Extensive incidence and prevalence insights
    Conduct thorough market assessment with comprehensive coverage across 1200+ diseases and procedures.
  • In-depth expert analysis
    Dive deep into expert disease-specific epidemiology analysis and 10 and 20-year forecasts across 220 indications and over 5000 patient populations.
  • U.S. claims-based insights
    Leverage expanded patient segmentation and location granularity with insights sourced from Clarivate U.S. Real-World Data.

Accurate market sizing to shape your strategy

  • Benchmark forecasts effectively
    Quantify the total potential and addressable market and understand how patient populations change over time. Estimate drug-treated and drug-treatable populations with 10 or 20-year epidemiology forecasts spanning 45 countries, plus topline estimates for an additional 126 countries with our proprietary Extrapolated World Coverage dashboard.
  • Quick and efficient market sizing
    Make preliminary market sizing assessments across thousands of indications, including niche and rare diseases. Leverage a trusted literature review of diseases, procedures, symptoms and other health issues for incidence, prevalence, morbidity, mortality, comorbidity, treated or diagnosed rates and cost.
  • Identify growth opportunities
    Make empowered decisions on a potential asset’s lucrativeness in a particular market based on patient population growth dynamics, and understand disease stratification in a market by attributes like diagnosed and drug-treated status, stage of a disease, severity etc.

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High-level overview of 1200+ diseases, including niche and rare

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Zero in to detailed population data and forecasts for 220+ larger diseases

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countries covered, with extrapolated data extending to 126 regions

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team of global expert epidemiologists

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