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Curated, intuitive analysis of major healthcare players and market drivers

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Expert analysis of key healthcare players and market drivers in the 87 most dynamic US metro areas

  • How do you gain an understanding of the healthcare landscape in each major US market?
  • How do you track and forecast the evolution of key market trends, players and dynamics?
  • How do you determine how resources should be allocated to maximize impact?
  • How do you target key stakeholders within each major market and how best to approach them?
  • How do you track TA specific developments in each market?

Clarivate analysts use their in-depth knowledge of local markets to provide analysis at the metro level, where market dynamics are highly variable. You can leverage a customizable level of detail, from a big picture overview to granular, in-depth data on a specific area to find the exact data and insight appropriate for your needs.

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What's in the Market Overview reports

  • Health systems and hospitals – Consolidation level, IDN development, Medicare reimbursement reform, health system profiles with discharge/bed count data and therapeutic area developments
  • Physicians – Leading physician groups, provider supply, retail clinic impact, care coordination initiatives
  • ACOs – List of market’s ACO contracts and patient population type; ACO influence on clinical integration, reimbursement reform, payer-provider relations and medical/drug utilization
  • Health plans – Medicare Advantage growth predictions, commercial plan design trends, government-sponsored MCOs, profiles of plans with largest enrollment, pharmacy benefit design
  • Medicare/Medicaid/Uninsured – Enrollment, managed care penetration, Medicaid program details
  • Legislation – Healthcare related legislative developments at state level
  • Employers – Healthcare cost containment strategy, economic profile, benefit design dynamics for largest employers, employer coalitions

The US healthcare environment is ever changing and staying on top of the latest developments isn’t enough. Market access leaders must be able to anticipate and plan for shifting realities in order to run their programs and succeed in the market. No one else offers the level of regional insights offered by Clarivate.

View our Market Overview research reports

The latest enhancements

  • Increased therapeutic area focus – New chart highlighting TA developments/implications and new outpatient procedure volume data by TA.
  • More segmentation capabilities – New data points (Medicare Advantage enrollment growth projections and retail clinic/urgent care location counts) added to MO Interactive Database.
  • Market summaries – Summary of key market events and dynamics; designed to quickly brief executive leaders.
  • New payer section – Health plan and employer sections combined into one payer section offering comprehensive data and analysis of this sector.

View our Market Overview research reports



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