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Data-driven answers for HEOR and market access from a reimbursement perspective

  • What is the timespan from marketing authorization to HTA reimbursement decision?
  • When is overall survival or progression-free survival used as a primary endpoint in an HTA agency evaluation?
  • Did a patient access scheme (PAS) influence or change the initial reimbursement decision? How much did a risk-sharing agreement matter? Was the scheme successful?

MAP employs Context Matters technology, using machine learning to capture, structure, and standardize disparate data sets for integration. This continuous collection and integration of reimbursement, clinical, and regulatory data into a single data framework produces over 500 variables for search and analysis by users. Our rigorous data management process includes curation by a team of expert analysts and taxonomy specialists for quality assurance. Consistent coverage of markets and indications with a customizable notification system for new publications ensures you have real-time visibility to the most current market activity and events.

Benefits of using MAP

  1. Search across agencies and brands on standardized assessment variables
  2. Evaluate brand-level decisions with the ability to look across indications and markets
  3. Identify key drivers of HTA agency decisions
  4. Conduct comparative analyses across multiple HTA markets, drug brands, and companies
  5. Test assumptions about comparators, endpoints, and population criteria for clinical trials
  6. Create single drug narratives to monitor a competitive landscape, understand appropriate comparators, and design pivotal trials
  7. Build disease narratives for a complete picture of all lines of therapy and assess the use of measures such as patient-reported outcomes (PROs)
  8. Collect competitive intelligence for value dossiers and reimbursement submissions
  9. Review and download source documents and translations from full digital library

Intuitive data views for fast analysis

zoom_out_map Snapshot of decisions for multiple myeloma drugs

Snapshot of decisions for multiple myeloma drugs

Search and compare

Search and compare agency, disease, drug, and company snapshots make it easy to quickly get a preview of all the information available for an entity.

Compute and visualize

Instantly understand trends by visualizing aggregations, groupings, and measures that are easy to build.

zoom_out_map Create a summary table of clinical and economic evaluations of Avastin® (bevacizumab)

Create a summary table of clinical and economic evaluations of Avastin® (bevacizumab)

zoom_out_map Customize alerts for new decision data publication

Customize alerts for new decision data publication

Communicate and collaborate

Sharing tools, custom views, and tailored alerts encourage communication and easy collaboration for your team.

Expand your scope with the ICER data package

The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) is rapidly gaining as an influencer in the US healthcare system. Expand your MAP subscription with the ICER Data Package.

Available only to MAP subscribers, this add-on package provides analysis-ready structured data from the assessments of pharmaceutical products conducted by ICER since January 2015. Compare ICER decision components against the decision constructs of bellwether global HTA bodies through a standardized view of 80+ variables. Unlock key ICER insights such as:

  • Time from regulatory approval to ICER report
  • Net health benefit decisions
  • Long-term value-for-money decisions

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