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About Cortellis Supply Chain Network

Identify, evaluate and engage with manufacturing and pharma partners across the value chain, including for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), dose forms, contract manufacturing, intermediates, inactive ingredients, and more.

Built for buyers and sellers across the pharma supply chain

Powered by Cortellis Generics Intelligence™ – a single source of global market performance, manufacturing and patent data – Cortellis Supply Chain Network provides a secure and comprehensive source of manually curated data, including inspection histories, warning letters, GMP certificates and more.

Benefit from comprehensive market coverage

Premium subscriptions get full access to:
API manufacturers
inactive ingredients
finished dose manufacturers
finished dose products
inspections across 70 regulatory agencies

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How we help buyers

Build resiliency in your supply chain

Cortellis Supply Chain Network helps procurement professionals identify, evaluate, engage and negotiate with potential suppliers from around the world.

  • Set up a resilient global supply chain network of chemical reagents, pharmaceutical raw materials, and API providers
  • Diversify and grow your suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers network
  • Establish new, suitable and GMP-certified pharmaceutical manufacturing partners – including those verified by Clarivate

Safeguard your supply chain

Previous catastrophes have demonstrated the risk associated with relying on a single source for your API or raw materials. When supply is not diversified, your manufacturing processes can easily be disrupted by a pandemic, regulatory change, environmental disaster or cyberattack.

With Cortellis Supply Chain Network, pharmaceutical sourcing professionals can:

  1. Identify suitable GMP pharmaceutical partners and make contact quickly​
  2. Standardize and streamline the request for proposal/quotation (RFP/RFQ) and quote process
  3. Sample API prices, receive multiple quotes and compare potential suppliers
  4. See updates and stay alerted to changes in partner capabilities, regulatory filings, inspections and FDA warning letters

How we help sellers

Identify potential customers and increase the discoverability of your company, products and services on a global scale

Differentiating from the competition is tough in pharma. Cortellis Supply Chain Network provides greater access and visibility to help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Manage existing partner relationships and establish customer loyalty from contract development manufacturing organizations and pharma manufacturing partners
  • Diversify, grow and expand your drug dose form into new territories and new pharma company types
  • Generate new business for your organization and successfully negotiate with potential customers with 24/7 market visibility
  • Identify opportunities, watch your competitors, and ensure visibility of latest product and company capabilities
  • Proactively prepare for drug shortages as a result of pandemics, regulatory challenges, natural disasters and political unrest

Show them you’re a reliable supplier

Pharma is full of uncertainty. Customers demand suppliers who can deliver consistently. Use Cortellis Supply Chain Network to give your partners confidence in your reliability and build a reputation that secures new partnerships and makes it easier to build relationships.

Remote pharmaceutical suppliers and raw material distributors can:

  1. Increase visibility in the highly complex and competitive pharmaceutical industry
  2. Promote your business directly to buyers of APIs, inactive ingredients (incl. excipients), intermediates, raw materials and pharmaceutical services
  3. Communicate securely with potential customers, provide quotes and share documentation
  4. Manage and monitor procurement and sourcing inquiries

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Identify partners, monitor competitors and secure your supply chain now.

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