Web of Science ResearcherID

Join the more than 1 million researchers using Web of Science ResearcherID and own your researcher identity

A Web of Science ResearcherID is a unique identifier that connects you with your works across the Web of Science ecosystem (Web of Science, Publons, and InCites) and provides the global research community with an invaluable index to author information.

Having a Web of Science ResearcherID helps to:

  • solve author identity issues
  • ensure your publications are correctly attributed to you in Web of Science
  • add dynamic citation metrics from the Web of Science Core Collection and other missing metadata to your publication records on your Publons profile, Web of Science, InCites and more
  • effortlessly keep your ORCiD up to date by linking it with your ResearcherID on Publons.

Assigning a unique ResearcherID to every researcher with at least one publication in Web of Science standardizes and clarifies author names and citations and makes your information search more straightforward and accessible.  

ResearcherID is fully integrated across Web of Science collections, Publons profiles and InCites, and can be linked with your ORCiD, so you can be sure you are getting properly credited for your work across the web.


We’re developing a range of new features to help you to administer records on behalf of your researchers and to access the resulting data.

Our first release in this effort will be a batch upload service. Publication data submitted by the batch upload service will be used to populate Publons profiles, update Web of Science Author Records, as well as assigning Web of Science ResearcherIDs (and links to Publons profiles) to records across Web of Science collections. If you are interested in testing this batch upload service, please email data@publons.com.