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As dementia cases grow, biomarkers and new therapies key to unlocking treatment

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As researchers from more than 110 countries gathered for the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, new data estimate the number of people with dementia globally will triple to more than 152 million by 2050.

In this episode, BioWorld Staff Writer Lee Landenberger spoke with Howard Fillit, founding executive director and chief science officer at the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, which was created to accelerate the discovery of drugs to prevent, treat and cure Alzheimer’s disease. The geriatrician, neuroscientist and Mount Sinai School of Medicine professor has led the foundation since it was formed in 1998. He’s seen a lot of change in the R&D of dementia treatments and shared his insights about the importance of biomarkers, the controversy surrounding Biogen Inc.’s recently approved Aduhelm (aducanumab) and the impact of financial investments that drive the development of these therapies compared to other indications.

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