Clarivate Analytics Provides Free Access to Life Sciences Products to Pistoia Alliance President’s Challenge Winners

PHILADELPHIA, October 24, 2016 – Clarivate Analytics donated six months of free access to our life sciences products for the two winners of The Pistoia Alliance 2016 President’s Startup Challenge. The awards were made following presentations given at a Pistoia Alliance conference in Boston on October 18.

The full day conference hosted a number of speakers including Dr. Alexander Ivliev from Clarivate Analytics Life Science Professional Services. Ivliev presented on machine learning methods used by Clarivate with pharmaceutical companies and clinical research centers to perform patient stratification and independent validation of those methods in a joint publication with Takeda on predictive biomarkers for patient response. He highlighted the importance of integrating machine learning with advanced pathway analysis techniques, such as those implemented in Clarivate’s Computational Biology methods for Drug Discovery (CBDD) program. He also discussed lessons learned within the framework of the FDA’s MAQC challenge that established good practices in data driven computational biomarker identification.

A highlight from the conference was the presentation from five finalists – each who presented a five-minute pitch, followed by a three-minute Q&A to the conference attendees and to a panel of seven senior life sciences executives. Ultimately only two startups were selected as this year’s grand prize winners – Pine Biotech and Medexprim.

Pine Biotech, a US-based startup, specializes in data analysis and data mining in bio-medicine. They have developed a solution called T-Bio that combines analysis to uncover discoveries of molecules, vaccines and new cellular pathways.

Medexprim, a French startup, developed a platform called the Radiomics Enabler, which gives researchers new ways to exploit their medical imaging archives.

According to Dr. Steve Arlington, the president of the Pistoia Alliance, “Both Pine Biotech and Medexprim pitched cutting-edge solutions that meet the core aim of the Pistoia Alliance – to lower the barriers which hamper innovation in life sciences R&D.”

Chris McKenna, General Manager of Discovery Science at Clarivate Analytics, observed the awards ceremony and said, “The Pistoia Alliance has quickly established its President’s Challenge as a unique resource for startups developing solutions supporting Pharmaceutical R&D to advance innovation.”

Both winners received an award of $15,000 and a six-month, one-to-one mentorship from a Pistoia Alliance member. In addition to those prizes the winners gain access to six months of life sciences products from Clarivate Analytics:

These products allow the winners access to valuable information about experimental drugs. Clarivate products also provide information about drug properties, targets, effects, global clinical trials, regulatory requirements, patents, literature and support for generic manufacturers.

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