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Whether you’re preparing to apply for a .brand  TLD (top-level domain) or looking to maximize the effectiveness of one you already own, MarkMonitor can help.  With more than 12 years of experience working within the ICANN New gTLD Program, we have the expertise you need in this ever-changing environment.

Rely on MarkMonitor to help you apply for a .Brand when the next application window opens. And we can help you meet the operational and compliance needs of a .Brand TLD as a registry operator via our registrar and administrative support services.

New gTLD Infographic

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Does a .Brand TLD makes sense for your organization? We can help you decide and prepare for the next round of TLDs.

  • We perform opportunity and risk assessment, plus investigation and research to enable informed “go/no-go” TLD decisions.
  • A well-written application is the key to a successful TLD application. We work closely with you to write and submit an ICANN application within the required deadlines.
  • Move your TLD successfully through the objection and contention processes. We facilitate a response to potential objections and string contention of your TLD.
  • We identify TLD applications posing potential brand threats and help with filing objections and corresponding with the dispute resolution provider.
  • Improve your chance of success by leveraging ICANN experts with thorough knowledge of the application and testing processes.
  • We help compile application details from third-party providers, coordinate registry system testing procedures and other related tasks.
  • Experience a trouble-free launch by leveraging our deep understanding of TLD-launch policies and rights protection mechanisms and procedures.
  • We help you manage the implementation and testing of the registry system, as well as all operational and procedural aspects of your TLD launch.

What a .Brand can do for you

Brand recognition and customer trust

  • Leverage your .Brand to expand how you connect with consumers and employees.
  • Create and implement a .Brand domain strategy that encompasses corporate values, sustainability programs, contests, and almost anything you can think of.
  • Transform ideas to online presence at a speed you choose to create business value.
  • .Brand usage builds trust with consumers, providing assurance they are visiting your legitimate websites.
  • Using your .Brand can also help mitigate some brand protection risks. Consider adding your .Brand to the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) preload list to ensure that HTTPS connections are made to your web sites.

How you can leverage your .Brand


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.Brand TLDs in the APAC region


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Gain control of your online presence and improve your processes

  • You now have any domain you need at your fingertips.  Launch new products and services with confidence.
  • Maximize the power of your go-to-market activities by creating a shared space for all users to gather, learn and share experiences.
  • Build a community that allows you to gain insight from your customers while addressing immediate needs. Use your .Brand domains in specific-use campaigns and in social media to consolidate your presence and drive interest via URL shorteners.
  • Use your .Brand to improve the underlying processes that support your business, such as your intranet and sites for partners, affiliates and vendors.

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