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Secure and manage your Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates, along with your domain names, with a trusted industry leader.

The MarkMonitor SSL Certificate Management solution enables you to:

  • Benefit from custom-tailored SSL prescriptions to meet your business needs
  • Order, view and manage SSL certificates
  • Track certificate expiration dates
  • Access a wide range of certificates from leading Certificate Authorities

A quick guide to SSL certificates

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Understanding SSL certificates - and choosing the right one for your website

An SSL certificate has two functions:

  • Data encryption: This ensures the data between two sources is encrypted, and no one else can read the data except the intended recipient.
  • Authentication and verification: SSL certificates have information about the authenticity of certain details regarding the identity of a person, business or website.
  • Visible signs of trust can impact how willing your customers are to share information and buy from you — which ultimately affects your company’s overall growth potential.
  • You have many options when buying SSL Certificates and choosing the right one can be difficult. The right option will depend on your current task and how critical this level of security is to your online presence.
  • MarkMonitor makes it easy to cost-effectively maintain precise authentication levels for each of your websites.
  • By enabling you to choose from a wide range of SSL certificates from leading CAs, including both Standard and Extended Validation, MarkMonitor provides flexibility and convenience for optimizing your approach to SSL certificate management. As with all MarkMonitor solutions, you can expect superior service and expert guidance.

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