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With more than half of the world’s population online, registered domain names totaling 330+ million and 23+ million new gTLDs registered, security threats against domain name assets can have more ramifications on your business than ever.

The destruction caused by attacks against domain names and domain registration accounts goes beyond brand reputation, bleeding into customer trust and your organization’s bottom line. A valuable corporate asset, your portfolio merits round-the-clock protection.

Fortunately, our best-in-class innovations have made better solutions possible.

Domain security fundamentals
Domain security fundamentals

Get acquainted with today’s security challenges to domains and the steps you can take to help mitigate risks.

Exceptional security for your valuable domain assets

Reduce your company’s security vulnerabilities and minimize the likelihood of successful attacks with a suite of security capabilities.

A simplified experience

  • API and single sign-on (SSO) create a streamlined and user-friendly interface
  • Granular permissions and full transaction logging for accountability and control
  • Customizable security levels for each of your domains
  • Count on the MarkMonitor team, trusted by some of the most highly trafficked websites worldwide

Highly-secured access

  • Two-Factor Authentication fortifies account access against account hijacking
  • Portal Access Control to prevent tampering with off-premises registration
  • Secure Account Management automatically notifies a secure email address when changes are made

Full-scale protection

  • DNS Monitoring identifies unauthorized DNS updates by scanning each domain name under management
  • Domain Masking keeps your ownership confidential until you’re ready to introduce your product or service to the market
  • Mission-Critical Domain Security combines maximum domain renewal periods with domain locking

Build a safer web presence with a suite of SSL certificates

Secure and manage your Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates, along with your domain names, with the trusted industry leader. Using the MarkMonitor Certificate Management solution, you can track SSL Certificates across your enterprise and make time-consuming and complex authentication a thing of the past.

Key features of the MarkMonitor SSL Certificate Management solution include:

  • Ordering, viewing and managing SSL certificates
  • Tracking SSL certificate expiration dates
  • Custom-tailored SSL prescriptions suited to your business needs
  • Choose from a wide range of SSL certificates offered by leading resources

Learn more about SSL Certificate Management

SSL Certificate Management datasheet
SSL Certificate Management datasheet

Maximise portfolio value with DNS management

The MarkMonitor DNS platform provides corporations with a sophisticated way to manage DNS and foster immediate and sustained ROI.

Fully integrated with the MarkMonitor Domain Management solution, this intuitive graphical interface enables users to quickly and easily manage large numbers of zones. Upgrade to Premium DNS for a high performance and seamless multi-provider solution combining the sophisticated infrastructure of both RcodeZero and D-Zone Anycast infrastructure with an intuitive graphical user interface, featuring 33 strategically placed network nodes spread across 23 global locations.

MarkMonitor DNS platform features include:

  • Real Time Propagation: Change and update to DNS records propagate within minutes
  • Quick Record Adding: Add single records in seconds, and make small changes quickly and easily
  • DNS Lockdown: Add an extra layer of security to prevent accidental zone changes
  • Import Existing DNS Records: Zone import feature transfers existing DNS records
  • Plus many more features


Guaranteed uptime with MarkMonitor Premium DNS

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