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Successful companies rely on a global web presence to build and strengthen their brands. MarkMonitor Domain Management allows companies to safely and effectively manage valuable domain portfolios. Using best-of-breed technology, security and expertise, brands can make smart registration decisions, maximize portfolio values and rein in costs.

An ICANN-accredited registrar and recognized industry leader since 1999, MarkMonitor exclusively — and comprehensively — serves corporate clients, including 9 of the 10 most highly trafficked sites worldwide. The largest brands in the world choose MarkMonitor for our unmatched expertise, superior security and dedication to service.

Protecting brands from evolving security threats

In today’s domain environment, brand owners must make critical decisions about what, where, and how to secure and protect valuable trademarks on the Internet in order to stay impactful and help combat constantly evolving brand abuse. Cybercriminals are using increasingly advanced techniques to target your critical assets. Your domains require around-the-clock protection to maintain business continuity, brand reputation and customer trust. Protect your critical assets by partnering with a corporate-only domain registrar who has a strong security culture and is committed to providing the most secure and reliable solution in the industry.

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Maximize the value of your domain portfolio

Brand owners are focused more than ever on rationalizing and optimizing their domain portfolios. Without visibility into portfolio metrics, domain portfolios can become bloated, misaligned and underutilized. Leveraging our access to data, MarkMonitor delivers key metrics and actionable intelligence that help global brand owners evaluate and improve domain portfolio performance. Maximize your domain investments using the intelligent solution that provides visibility and insights needed to effectively manage a global domain portfolio.

Comprehensive solution

  • Flexible interface: Using a flexible interface that allows multiple users with individualized permission levels, bulk capabilities, advanced filtering, reporting and exporting capabilities helps companies efficiently manage their domain portfolio across several divisions or subsidiaries.
  • Highly intuitive portal gives you one place to manage domains, acquisitions, TMCH submissions, DNS and SSL certificates.
  • Cost-effective enterprise-wide domain management: Secure registrations across all gTLDs, new gTLDs and ccTLDs, leveraging the industry’s most powerful suite of ordering, tracking, transaction management, approval workflow, and documentation tools.
  • Highly configurable resource centers. Alleviate complexity and confusion surrounding TLD launches and make timely registration decisions, prevent missed opportunities as well as unplanned and costly acquisitions.
  • Easy to Understand Interface: Clearly identifies the status and distribution of all domains under management.

Intelligence-driven technology and premium security

  • Industry-advancing security: Security has always been a top priority for MarkMonitor; industry-first security features in MarkMonitor Domain Management — such as registry locking and two-factor authentication — protect brand holder investments.
  • Intelligence-driven technology: MarkMonitor Domain Management enables and automates smart, data-driven decisions, leveraging trademark databases, industry benchmarks and the industry’s most robust TLD requirements database.
  • Strategic Optimization: We provide integrated analytics and intelligence that helps you evaluate and improve domain portfolio performance.
  • Anytime, anywhere domain management: Our mobile app allows you to complete common domain functions on the go.
  • Intelligent Registrations: Build and enhance domain portfolios with customized recommendations using the MarkMonitor Registration Advisor.
  • Instant notifications: We will notify you of any account or domain change for secure account management.

Deep expertise and strategic guidance

  • Enhanced portfolio management: Assures effectiveness through unparalleled support and a full range of services.
  • Your advocate in the industry: MarkMonitor is a longtime, trusted voice in the intellectual property community. We leverage our deep experience and decades of collective knowledge to fill active, leadership roles in ICANN and INTA. We are also dedicated and outspoken advocates, in a wide range of forums, for brand holder rights.
  • Consulting services: Our comprehensive suite of research and consulting services and relationships with international registries are particularly suited for managing your corporate domain portfolios.
  • Unique understanding of the changing landscape. We have 15+ years’ experience managing corporate-only domain portfolios, and can provide expert advice on domain acquisitions, sales and policy development.
  • Dedicated Client Service Manager: Our best-in class service team have over four years of average tenure, undergo extensive yearly training, have near-perfect customer satisfaction ratings and become an extension of your team.

Recapture revenue by optimizing your domain portfolio

As the global leader in online brand protection, MarkMonitor provides advanced technology and expertise that protects the revenues and reputations of the world’s leading brands. Customers choose MarkMonitor for its unique combination of industry-leading expertise, advanced technology and extensive industry relationships to preserve their marketing investments, revenues and customer trust.

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