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Expert, data-driven domain strategies for maximum success in the New gTLD era

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MarkMonitor Domain Consulting Services are customized consulting engagements designed to inform, create and help execute corporate domain portfolio strategies across the domain management lifecycle. The focus is on maximizing the business value of corporate domain portfolios, carefully sizing and weighing the potential business impact of digital-world threats and opportunities — most notably, those associated with new gTLDs.

These services are delivered by a technology-enabled, data-driven team employing unique expertise, enterprise-aligned domain management best practices and rigorous analysis techniques.

While every MarkMonitor Domain Management  client benefits from direct access to our domain experts, Domain Consulting Services are available when companies require a more thorough needs assessment, deeper analysis and greater customization.

Domain consulting services practice areas

Reduce your company’s security vulnerabilities and minimize the likelihood of successful attacks with a suite of security capabilities.

Domain portfolio optimization

  • Leverage proprietary domain scoring: Right-size your domain portfolio with your unique business requirements in mind.
  • Intelligent Portfolio Adjustments: Assesses the perceived value of each domain to identify areas for cost savings.

Domain strategy, guidelines and procedures

  • Comprehensive domain strategy: Strategy that reflects the new realities in the domain name landscape. Includes complete domain name planning, plus comprehensive, customized guidelines and procedures reflecting corporate business goals and risk tolerance.
  • Ongoing support: Ensures that ongoing domain registrations support corporate business objectives.

New gTLD strategies

  • Gain a strategic understanding: Understand the unique impact of new gTLDs on your business, brand and overall domain portfolio.
  • Leverage a step-by-step plan: Establish a customized registration strategy that reflects your brand markets.

Increased ROI

  • Optimizes portfolio value: Register and/or recover high-value domains to mitigate future loss.
  • Maximize efficiency: Minimizes efficiency and resource drains associated with unnecessarily large portfolios.

Superior, expert guidance from the leader in brand protection and domain portfolio management

As the industry’s leading ICANN-accredited, corporate-only Registrar, MarkMonitor manages global domain portfolios for more than half of the Fortune 100, including 9 of the 10 most highly trafficked websites in the world. Domain Consulting Service highlights include:

  • Deep domain management expertise, with in-depth knowledge of metrics-driven, enterprise-aligned best practices
  • Data-driven insights and rigorous analysis techniques
  • Unparalleled new gTLD expertise
  • Real-time access to CompuMark’s global trademark data and proprietary domain research tools
  • Maximum protection for your revenues and reputation in the digital world

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