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Domain management is your first line of defense
A global web presence is essential for building and strengthening brands. Registering domains is the first step to promoting your brand to a worldwide audience—and domain management is the first line of defense to prevent brand abuse, while maximizing domain ROI.

However, managing a global domain portfolio is a complex process. Inadequate domain coverage and misunderstandings about regulations can lead to missed opportunities, erosion in customer trust, and costly, unplanned acquisitions. Rely on MarkMonitor to help you manage your valuable domain assets effectively and efficiently.


How  to build an online presence that serves consumers.

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Securely managing a large global domain portfolio requires a trusted partner.

Attacks against domain names and domain portfolios are profoundly disruptive and damaging to customer trust and to your company’s reputation and bottom line. Your domain portfolio is a valuable corporate asset requiring round-the-clock protection

MarkMonitor’s best-in-class technology enables you to effectively monitor and safeguard your domain assets.

Reduce security vulnerabilities and minimize the likelihood of successful attacks with advanced security measures such as registry locking, two-factor authentication, and IP restrictions.

Rationalize and optimize your domain portfolios with strategies that address the entire domain management lifecycle.

Without visibility into portfolio metrics, domain portfolios can become bloated, misaligned and underutilized. With clear domain portfolio strategies in place, companies can make smart domain decisions to ensure proper coverage, maximize portfolio values and keep budgets in check.

The complexity of managing a large global domain portfolio requires a trusted partner.

MarkMonitor is that partner, offering a rich solution set, advanced security features, premium service, and deep industry expertise to preserve your marketing investments, revenues and customer trust.

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