On-Demand Webinar

Brexit and beyond: Impacts and best practices for domain registrants around the world

Prudence Malinki
Global Relationship Manager
Brian King
Director, Internet Policy & Industry Affairs

The UK’s unprecedented initiation of withdrawal from the European Union, known as Brexit, has already sent ripple effects across geopolitics, law, finance and technology. The domain name space has felt the effects as well, even while most Brexit details are still unfolding.

London-based Global Relationship Manager Prudence Malinki and Policy Director Brian King discuss how Brexit will likely impact clients’ domain name portfolios. This webinar will provide analysis and insights into known changes in the domain industry resulting from Brexit, along withbest practices for addressing corresponding challenges that domain owners will face. We will also forecast likely Brexit outcomes and what they might mean for domain registrants based in the UK, EU and abroad.

During this webinar, you’ll receive updates on these key areas:

  • Known impacts on domain name portfolios, including ccTLD requirement changes
  • Likely domain industry impacts resulting from various Brexit scenarios
  • Risk mitigation strategies and best practices