When it comes to making decisions to create, protect and commercialize innovation, why take unnecessary risk?

Clarivate is the ultimate partner, empowering you to meet your goals with industry leading patent data and human expertise.

Transforming the way you create, protect and commercialize innovation

  • Make confident decisions with full text patent data from 75 jurisdictions and reliable derived legal status, assignee and strength data

  • Easily find relevant patent publications using proven search technology combined with expertly written patent abstracts

  • Uncover high value insights with patent intelligence that accurately connects companies, technologies, patents, inventors and IP case data

  • Flexibly scale your team by tapping into 270+ patent experts for invention screening, patent drafting and prosecution

  • Reduce time to insight using manually written patent titles and abstracts that clearly state novelty, use and advantage

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Your ultimate IP partner

The innovations you support and protect are unique. So are the ways you use patent data to make more informed decisions.

Clarivate offers the data, software and services you need to fit your unique workflows and processes.

  • Looking for a team of experienced patent analysts to provide actionable insights that you can trust? You got it.

  • Wish you could integrate market-leading IP data into your current research and analytics tools? We have you covered

  • Need patent search software that helps you make more confident patentability, FTO and validity decisions? Done.

  • Seeking patent analytics software that helps you connect the dots between technology, competition, patents and litigation? We can help.

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