Winning in global regulatory with AI: Advancing compliance, increasing approval rates and simplifying market expansion

Rick Finch
Global Head of Life Sciences Consulting Services

The use of Artificial Intelligence has had a tremendous impact on nearly every industry over the last several years. The promise AI holds for organizations to decrease the costs, while increasing the speed and accuracy associated with core and secondary activities has driven significant investments. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the worldwide spending on Artificial Intelligence systems will reach $35.8bn in 2019, and that number is expected to grow to over $79bn by 2022.

Within the life sciences industry we have seen an increasing application of AI across all stages of drug development and commercialization. In discovery and clinical development AI tools and applications are utilized at an increasing pace to speed up the process of drug research and development, to design clinical protocols and increase the chance of clinical success. In the regulatory space, AI has been adopted at a different pace. However, signals are pointing to an increased application of cognitive solutions, artificial intelligence and machine learning to inform regulatory strategy, affairs and operations.

Accelerated drug development and approval rates can also lead to more years of patent-protected market exclusivity. Adopting the new AI methodologies is complex and onerous, and will require pharma companies to work in new ways and to collaborate more closely than ever before.

Join us for the second session of our Future of Pharma digital event: Winning in global regulatory with AI: Advancing compliance, increasing approval rates and simplifying market expansion

In this session, we will explore how AI can help you and your organization:

• Understand key trends in the application of AI in the regulatory space from both a pharma and an agency/HTA point of view
• Inform regulatory strategy, affairs and operations of changing regulations to respond accordingly
• Identify and overcome potential obstacles and barriers to success while uncovering opportunities to improve performance
• Adopt greater collaboration and communication with business development and licensing colleagues and other areas of the business to increase drug and program success

Accurately and quickly derive the benefits of AI within your business while powering your regulatory strategy forward with strategic communication within the organization to increase success.

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