Why biomarkers are key to unlocking the promise of new disease modifying therapies for Alzheimer’s patients

Solutions consultant

After years of late stage clinical failures, the first anti-amyloid beta treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) was recently approved and other disease-modifying therapies are close behind. Despite this significant breakthrough, there remains an unmet need for safe and effective treatments for this highly prevalent disease.

To increase the probability of success, clinical trials of new AD treatments have enrolled patients at ever earlier stages of the disease. The trend is to run “prevention trials” in asymptomatic patients identified as being at risk of developing AD. To convince regulators and provide compelling evidence of disease modification in prevention trials will require clinical endpoints backed by biomarkers and a strong scientific understanding of their association to AD.

In this webinar we will discuss established and emerging AD biomarkers and consider how systems biology approaches can provide a robust scientific rationale to support adoption of new biomarkers and accelerate approval of new drugs.