Which oncology KOLs should we prioritize for a variety of launch planning use cases?


Which oncology KOLs should we prioritize for a variety of launch planning use cases?

The oncology team at a large pharmaceutical company was gearing up for multiple prostate cancer drug launches over the next 5 years. They wanted to establish their thought leadership and reputation in the market through a robust KOL strategy, that included KOLs for both traditional and emerging use cases like digital.

Finding the right influence for this purpose was different than their normal projects because:

  • They needed a lot of KOLs to work with, given that they have multiple drugs launching and thought leadership is a core strategy
  • The oncology KOL landscape is one of the most dynamic and varied in healthcare, with online influencers playing a bigger role than in other spaces

They needed a new analytics approach to build a robust directory of KOLs for multiple use cases:

  • Advisory boards (regional and national)
  • Speaker programs
  • Digital / social influencers
  • Future market shapers


Best fit KOLs were identified, scored and categorized via clinical, social, and academic influence analysis

The launch planning team partnered with Clarivate to build a custom grouping and scoring model to match KOLs to their multiple use cases.

Clarivate built a team of data scientists, oncology experts, market consultants, and digital specialists to create a robust scoring criteria based on a variety of data sources, including Clarivate claims data, publications, social influence and peer-to-peer recommendation.

After data extraction, priority HCPs were identified using a model to weight the relative importance of each metric for each KOL application. Additionally, key KOLs were profiled individually.

Through this integrated analysis and scoring model, we were able to help the client identify the best fit physicians for each unique use case, and their level of importance now, and potentially in the future.


Clarivate armed the client with:

  • KOLs matched to their key use cases
  • National and regional KOLs to consider for advisory boards
  • KOL strategy recommendations for launch planning
  • Tableau database and web-based
  • Navigator reporting tool for network visualization

The client commented that many of the influential KOLs identified through the multi-data source analysis were unknown to them, and they could not have found them through traditional KOL analysis alone.

Clarivate Differentiators

  • Breadth of in-house data to leverage for assessing the many layers of physician influence
  • Multi-disciplinary teams of data scientists and subject matter experts to build frameworks that make sense from both a data and market perspective
  • Client engagement team to guide clients through the project and recommendations, and activate the findings

Need help identifying best fit KOLs?

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