Walking the talk on patient centricity

An actionable and measurable model for life science companies to involve and empower the people that use their products

For many companies a patient centred approach necessitates a complete culture shift from their traditionally business-to-business oriented drug. How can complex organizations break down silos and infuse an ethos of patient centricity throughout their operations? How do you measure effective patient centricity and ensure return on investment in patient centered efforts? What does a mature patient centric organization look like?

Our new report will explore these questions, drawing on interviews with industry executives, patient advocates and Clarivate colleagues, and provide actionable steps that life science organizations can take to build and strengthen feedback loops and realize sustainable, whole organization patient centricity.

Walking the talk on patient centricity covers:

  • Looping in patients from the start to inform critical design and business development decisions
  • Designing patient-centred clinical trials rooted in a deep understanding of the patient experience to boost retention and build trust
  • Leveraging insights into barriers to treatment and drivers of behaviour in order to optimize patient engagement and realize better adherence
  • Utilizing enabling technologies like digital health solutions and remote care to reduce the burden on patients and achieve better health outcomes