On-demand Webinar

Using Real-World Data to Better Understand Rare Diseases

Hemanth P. Nair, PhD, MP
Sr. Director, RWD Analytics
Yong Chen
Sr. Director, Rare Disease, RWE
Joana Matos
Parry Romberg Foundation Medical Board
RWE and Patient Registry Advisor

Biopharmaceutical companies and healthcare researchers are increasingly turning to a new tool to complement—and even serve as an alternative to—randomized clinical trials: real-world evidence.

Because patient populations tend to be very small and geographically dispersed, real-world data (RWD) has proven to be particularly helpful for understanding rare diseases, with useful and promising applications spanning the entirety of the clinical research lifecycle. This webinar takes an in-depth look at the current challenges and benefits involved in using RWD to investigate rare diseases, including:

  • How biopharma companies are currently using RWD to better understand patients with rare diseases
  • Key issues in the use of RWD—and best practices for overcoming these obstacles
  • How to leverage RWD to improve drug development efficiency and effectiveness