Using Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence to guide COVID-19 research

Robert Poolman, PhD
Director, Discover & Pre-clinical Products
Carolyn Finch
Solutions Consultant

As scientists develop vaccines and treatments to meet the urgent needs of those affected by COVID-19, vast amounts of research and drug development updates are released each day. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to cut through the noise and keep track of all the new therapies, vaccines, targets and associated scientific data (e.g., pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, animal models) to better guide your research.

Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence makes it easy to track and access reputable information sources that have been professionally curated from literature, patents, conferences and company press releases – all in one intuitive platform. In this short webinar, our experts review the latest COVID-19 drug developments and discuss how you can use Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence to:

  • Stay on top of the ever-changing COVID-19 research landscape
  • Efficiently explore targets across all coronavirus-related diseases to learn from successful approaches
  • Use structure-activity relationships to identify drugs that could be investigated for treatment of COVID-19

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