Turning IP management into a competitive edge

Andrea Klein
Trademark Attorney
Akran Intellectual Property
Tina Powers
Manager, Intellectual Property Operations
Annya Dushine
Solutions Architect

Increasing competition and growing client demands for speed and agility are placing unprecedented pressures on IP law firms. The operational challenges associated with managing increasing volumes of IP matter using manual processes and disjointed tools, and the rise of remote working, can have a significant impact on client service and practice profitability.

Listen to this recording with Andrea Klein, Trademark Attorney with Akran Intellectual Property, and Tina Powers, Manager, Intellectual Property Operations with Mintz, as they discuss how IP law firms can modernize their IP management to better meet client needs, increase efficiency and become more competitive in the process. They share their firsthand experiences and learnings with adopting new technologies.

Topics include:

  • How marketplace changes are impacting IP management operations for law firms.
  • The role of technology in streamlining IP management and automating routine tasks.
  • Best practices for ensuring firms get the greatest benefit from next-generation IP management technology.
  • Tips to help ensure a successful buy-in and roll-out of new IP management technologies and tools.
  • How Clarivate’s FoundationIP solution helps streamline and improve IP management processes.

The views and opinions in this webinar are those of the contributors and do not necessarily represent official policy or position of Clarivate™