Training improves research and reviewing quality

“WoS Academy can enhance research integrity and develop critical skillsets in academic publishing that our researchers need." – Dr. Ferry Efendi, Lecturer of Nursing, Department of Community Health Nursing, Faculty of Nursing at Airlangga University.

Globally, universities are expected to deliver in multiple areas such as education, research, economic and social impact. In Indonesia, the higher education system is based on three pillars known as “Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi” (“Three Pillars of Higher Education”) that include education, research and community services. As one of Indonesia’s leading universities, Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) needs to empower its  research community to contribute to these pillars. It has worked to strengthen the research, writing and reviewing skills of its researchers and lecturers; and help them expand their global academic networks.

UNAIR chose Clarivate’s Web of Science Academy to help their researchers become experts in research quality and integrity by providing easy to access and practical learning modules with expert mentorship. This also enable UNAIR researchers to better appreciate the publishing process and how to tailor their own research to be successful globally.

Download this case study to learn how the Web of Science Academy has helped:

–  Strengthen the writing and research ability of more than 400 researchers and lecturers at UNAIR

–  Strengthen the reviewing ability of participants

–  Expand the reach of researchers

–  Facilitate the publication of UNAIR research in higher quality journals

–  Expand the regional and global networks of UNAIR researchers, authors and reviewers