Top 100 Global Innovators: The challenge of complexity

Scott Frank
President & CEO
Karl Reichenberger
Vice President, Co-Chief Patent Counsel & General Counsel
Digital Solutions Johnson Controls
Jenifer Ward
Executive IP Counsel, Critical Technologies
General Electric Company
Ed White
Head of Analytics, IP Group

While ideation is never easy, our recent analysis of the top of the global innovation ecosystem points to a tougher environment than ever before. Ideas filed at patent offices around the world proliferate, with 6.4 million patent documents published last year alone.

Simultaneously, sources of invention multiply and diversify while technologies converge and blend, intensifying competition. Staying on top in this rapidly evolving and unprecedented landscape requires innovators to invest greater resources, involve more people, review more data, watch more competitors, and protect ideas more wisely.

Following the release of the Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators 2020 report, we invite you to listen to industry leaders from AT&T IP, Johnson Controls, and General Electric. They discussed the impact of these developments on the state of innovation and shared their perspectives on implications for value-creating intellectual property today and into the future.

The following topics were covered:

  • Fragmentation within the innovation ecosystem and the decreasing share of top players
  • The drivers forcing this change and the impact of Asia
  • The effect on technical and competitive intelligence strategy