The road ahead: Sustainable vehicles today and in the future

Discovering valuable intelligence with unified IP analysis and research insights

Head of Analytics, IP Group
Director, Government & Content Strategy

Convergence is an unstoppable natural consequence of innovation. One industry right in the middle of a convergence storm and multiple vectors of disruption is the automotive sector.

Electric vehicles and sustainable transportation have increasingly become a hot topic as sustainability becomes a strategic imperative for companies.

IP sits at the heart of this convergence. Clarivate has spent the last few months enriching the way we analyse our content sources to look at harnessing the power of unified IP, augmented with enriched academic research insights, to unlock valuable insights and hidden opportunities in the burgeoning global electric vehicles sector

This webinar covers:

  • EVs’ innovation activity on an upward trajectory since the turn of the new millennium
  • Governments’ role and the wide-ranging policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Where the ideas and intellectual property assets are being produced, geographically
  • How well-protected brands in the automotive industry tend to be on the leading edge of security, brand protection and digital commercialization
  • The potential of EV related technologies and the opportunities that lie ahead
  • Gaps in technology development, and the problems still to be solved

Check out the report that inspired this discussion. You can obtain your copy by visiting this page. If you want to hear more from our presenters on this topic, listen to the two-part special episode of the podcast recorded recently here.