The future of precision medicine

Ketan Patel
VP, Cortellis Product Platform
Kinsi Oberoi
Solutions Consultant

Precision medicine has proven to be successful in treating cancers as it is tailored to a patient’s specific needs. Because of this custom approach to treatment, however, planning a clinical trial for precision medicine is markedly more challenging than more conventional treatments, as it must consider patients’ variability in genes. As a result, biomarker use in precision medicine has been critical for defining patient segments, selecting trial locations and measuring trial success.

In this webinar, we look to learn from past precision medicine trials to provide insights on:

  • The history of biomarkers in oncology
  • The evolution of biomarker use in non-oncology related diseases
  • The future of digital biomarkers in precision medicine
  • Site identification and selection based on site experience working with specific biomarkers