On-demand Webinar

The Evolving Role of the Library as a Resource for Data

Moving from content delivery to content mining

Taylor Greene
Chair of research and Instructional Services
Performing Arts Librarian Leatherby Libraries
Gabriel Nicholson
Master's candidate in Computational Social Science
University of Chicago
Amy Johnson
Ph.D. candidate in Sociology
Stanford University
Ze Han
Ph.D. candidate in Political Science
Princeton University
Jess Byrne
Senior Product Marketing Manager

The amount of information available today is immense and is growing geometrically. This opens a world of possibilities for researchers in disciplines like– Business, Economics, Healthcare, Politics, Social Sciences, Mental Health, and Humanities. Unfortunately, 80-90% of data is found in an unstructured format like text and media that are a challenge to analyze. Text and data mining (TDM) is fast becoming a required skill for unlocking this content and accelerating analyses.

In this webinar you will hear from researchers at Stanford University, Princeton University and University of Chicago about how they are leveraging text and data mining to uncover insights from unstructured data, advancing the pace of their work. They’ll share their perspectives, the roles their libraries played, and how it impacted their work.

You will also hear from a librarian who is launching a Data Library infrastructure that is providing graduate students with instruction and skills that will prepare them for future research and career possibilities in analytics.