The 2022 Healthcare Business Insights™ Fall Member Retreat

Picking up the Pieces to Form a More Holistic Patient Journey
Hosted by Healthcare Business Insights™, part of Clarivate

Due to its high ratings and demand, Healthcare Business Insights is bringing this event to two locations to make it easier to join us and your peers for interactive discussions, solution sharing, networking, and so that you can take a moment as a leader to reflect and rejuvenate for what lies ahead.

If you were unable to make it to Boston there is still time to join us in San Diego!

October 18 & 19
Hilton San Diego, Harbor Island

1960 Harbor Island Drive
San Diego, CA 92101
Room rate: $169

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For those of you joining us in Boston, please access the event presentation slides here to share with team members, refer back to, etc.
Click the linked titles to access each presentation.

Tuesday Sessions:

Promoting an organization-wide patient experience
Treating referral as the first impression
Pre-service as financial clearance and advocacy
Aligning the physician revenue cycle (including coding, documentation, and charge capture)
Taking a holistic approach toward denial mitigation
Gamification – A vital tool for career progression

Wednesday Sessions:

Hiring and retaining staff in a highly competitive market
Furthering digital literacy (for both staff and patients)
Automation, AI and analytics as means for strategic resource allocation
Revenue cycle outsourcing done right
Advancing patient billing — Progressing consumer-driven balance resolution
Working with payers and partners to drive efficiency
Developing the next generation of leaders for your organization

Special Notes:

The Member Retreat comes at no additional registration fee for current Healthcare Business Insights Members. All event registration is included with membership. Healthcare Business Insights reserves the right to apply a $250 cancellation fee for those who register but do not attend. Please ensure you formally cancel your registration if you can no longer attend in-person by emailing

Healthcare Business Insights™, Clarivate does not provide accident or medical insurance regarding my participation in its events and I agree to hold Healthcare Business Insights, Clarivate and the Member Retreat harmless from all liability and/or blame should I become ill or injured after my participation in the event.

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