On-demand Webinar

The 10 “No-Regrets” Analyses for Guiding the Academic Research Enterprise

Scott Winslow
Principal, Academic & Government Consulting

Academic research leaders often express interest in being more data informed. From the Provost and Vice President of Research (VPR) on down, gathering and using data is critical to help answer questions as varied as “How well is our scientific research enterprise performing?” to “Are we achieving our goals, and if not, what should we do to accelerate progress?”

Yet a common challenge we often hear from VPRs is that they are unsure what analyses to perform in order to inform the decisions they are making. Simply gathering data for data’s sake is a waste of time and money, but without some direction and clarity as to the most meaningful analyses, the work of Institutional Research and data scientists will often be for naught.

In this webinar, experts from Clarivate’s Academia & Government Consultancy share ten analytical exercises that every research leader should perform. These ‘No-Regrets Analyses’ deliver insight and clarity well beyond the time and effort required to perform them.

Learn which metrics we would advise every VPR have at hand to:

  • Inform strategy and budgeting
  • Position research for greater impact
  • Answer the perennial “How are we doing?” question