On-demand Webinar

Teaching with Streaming Video: Understanding Instructional Practices, Challenges, and Support Needs

Ruby MacDougall
Ithaka S+R
Sarah Brennan
Video Product Manager
Moderator: Kathleen McLellan
Video Product Marketing Manager

In this session, we’ll examine the key findings of Ithaka S+R’s latest research project, Teaching with Streaming Video, conducted in collaboration with 24 academic institutions and independently of ProQuest. We’ll discuss the challenges and opportunities streaming video presents for academic libraries and faculty.

You’ll learn about…

  • The ways instructors are using video to reinforce their course content
  • The video genres instructors prefer and how they use them
  • The gaps instructors perceive in video availability
  • How instructors search for and discover streaming video
  • Instructors’ views on the impact of video costs on students

We’ll also explore emerging video learning tools that build classroom engagement and student success. Among the new tools we’ll explore is “video interaction functionality,” which has the added benefit of making collaboration between the library and faculty more powerful.