Strategic Insights for Technologists: Landscaping a Technology

Duration: 30 minutes

Laura Bantle
Patent Intelligence Solutions Consultant

Today’s fast-moving world calls for an agile innovation strategy that thrives in the long term. Developing the right products depends on the right perspective. With the complete picture of the IP landscape, you can chart the course forward and visualize how your inventions fit in the technology ecosystem. You can analyze commercial or technical trends to identify R&D opportunities that support business objectives.

Watch our 30-minute webinar, Strategic Insights for Technologists: Landscaping a Technology, to learn how to develop a forward-looking vision for your product development roadmap, identify strategic partnerships and capture new insights to help you achieve higher ROI from your R&D investment.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify the highest potential trends in your technology domain that will yield high value opportunities.
  • Find new applications to extend your core technology into new categories.
  • Use semantic analysis to get an in-depth understanding of the technology relationships in your IP landscape.
  • Identify who are the entrenched players versus the challengers in a particular technology domain.