On-demand Webinar

Rising to the top: Learnings from the Top 100 New Brands of 2022

Ingrid Gogl
VP, Marketing and Communications
Yunex Traffic
Ambalika Banerjjee
Lead, Global Trademarks Counsel
Robert Reading
Head of IP Content Strategy
Ed White (Host)
Chief Analyst and VP, IP and Innovation Research

Companies are creating and launching brands faster than ever. Amidst this competitive market, Clarivate identified one hundred new brands which surged into the public sphere in the last two years, demonstrating exceptional ability to deliver value, impact and protection on a global scale.

Yet, for every successful new brand, countless more fail to hit the mark or capture our attention. Creating a brand identity that cuts through in a crowded marketplace is getting tougher. Businesses — and the law firms that advise them — need to make data-driven decisions to launch brands quickly and successfully. Trademark data and analytics play an integral role in helping IP, legal and brand teams inform these decisions.

Access this webinar exploring the recently released Clarivate Top 100 New Brands report. Hear from Ingrid Gogl, VP Marketing and Communication at Yunex Traffic and Ambalika Banerjjee, Lead Global Trademarks Counsel at UPL as they share what it takes to build a powerful global brand in an exceedingly challenging market.