Post-pandemic insights for MedTech: Market outlook and strategy recommendations for 2022

Raghav Tangri
Principal Analyst, MedTech Insights
Tina Liedtky
President, Clinical Diagnostics Division
Thermo Fisher Scientific

As healthcare slowly recovers and recalibrates in response to COVID-19, questions remain about what lasting effects the pandemic will have on medtech. While many of the immediate concerns linked to the sector’s 2020 slowdown have since improved—such as disruptions to clinical trials or M&A activities—there are still outstanding challenges in procedural volumes, supply chains, and other factors that impact sector strength.

How can medtech leaders navigate those many challenges and build a sustainable business model in this post-pandemic era?

Join Clarivate’s Raghav Tangri, along with Tina Liedtky of Thermo Fisher Scientific as they explore the current state of the medtech market, its future outlook, and strategic recommendations for 2022 and beyond. You’ll learn:

1. The latest data on procedure volumes in relation to pre-pandemic baselines
2. Key predictions for medtech supply, demand, and other market dynamics
3. How medtech companies are pivoting their business models
4. Best practices to optimize business strategies in the years ahead