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The decisions that power your competitive advantage require patent data that goes beyond basic.

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Patent data is an invaluable resource for evaluating technology trends, tracking competitors, and spotting risk in your IP protection.

But rising global filings, convoluted corporate structures, and inconsistent claim language has made harnessing the power of patent data even more challenging.

Most patent research tools take limited steps to normalize data and enhance patent content. But with basic patent data, search results are incomplete, company comparisons don’t include recent acquisitions, and key data points, such as litigation activity, legal status, or domain influence, are missed.

Clarivate’s team of 900+ patent editors goes further to deliver patent data that’s enhanced, correlated, and indexed – enabling higher confidence, more informed decisions.

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The right insights start with patent searches that deliver relevant, comprehensive results.

With patent data that’s more informative, enhanced, and higher quality behind all of our solutions, we reduce your time to insight and deliver results you can trust.

See how Derwent Innovation™ goes further to deliver more relevant results in less time – to ensure your decisions are based on more complete, more relevant data.

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When technologies collide: predicting litigation risk using patent transactions

While patent data is widely acknowledged to be a valuable source for evaluating technology trends, it’s value for competitive intelligence purposes is in many ways underappreciated. By understanding the relationships between technology convergence, patent transactions, and patent litigation, you’ll be able to better assess your risk, improve your protection and anticipate your competitors’ next moves with greater confidence.

Join us for a special webinar about what patent transactions can reveal about future litigation risk.

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