Better decisions start with better insights.

The decisions that power your competitive advantage require patent data that goes beyond basic.

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10 common pitfalls of patent research, and how to avoid them

Patent research is a critical task for informing R&D investment, identifying emerging competitive threats, evaluating potential infringement and making key business decisions.

In our new eBook, we share some of the most common pitfalls of patent research, and how you can avoid them to:

  • save time
  • avoid unnecessary expenses
  • make recommendations your stakeholders can trust

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Are you getting the right insights from your patent research?

With the increasing volume of patent publications, published in multiple languages, with obfuscated claims, missing assignees, and complicated priority relationships, harnessing the power of patent data has become more challenging than ever. ​

As a result, ​

  • patent searches are missing a significant proportion of the relevant results… ​
  • important new patent filings of key competitors go undetected… ​
  • and decisions to launch a new product are made using incorrect data, creating litigation risk and lost revenue opportunities. ​

Using patent data that isn’t corrected, normalized and enhanced can leave you guessing. Take our quiz to see if you’re able to get the right answers using basic patent data.

Close the confidence gap in your decision making

The right insights start with patent searches that deliver relevant, comprehensive results.

With patent data that’s more informative, enhanced, and higher quality behind all of our solutions, we reduce your time to insight and deliver results you can trust.

See how Derwent Innovation™ goes further to deliver more relevant results in less time – to ensure your decisions are based on more complete, more relevant data.

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More data connected to the patent record for faster speed to insight

Capturing the right insights to help companies sustain their competitive advantage requires more than just basic patent data. We bring together more data sources in new, flexible ways – connecting patent data with litigation activity, financial data, and scientific literature – and even your organization’s own internal data – to help you see the complete picture.

See how we’re building a new data model to unleash deeper insights.

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