Patent Analysis for Product Innovation

Duration: 20 minutes

Jonathan Beaty
Technical Solution Consultant – IP Intelligence

To bring your life-changing innovations to market faster, it’s important to act with speed and certainty. Patent intelligence provides the insights to help you determine where to focus your R&D investments, find the right development partners, better understand technology trends and anticipate new risks and opportunities.

Watch our 20-minute webinar, Patent Analysis for Product Innovation, to learn how to analyze patent information across the innovation lifecycle, deliver higher value innovation and accelerate your speed to market. Hear a real-world success story about how an organization uses patent analysis to open new frontiers for R&D innovation.

You will learn how to:

  • Gather the most important insights to help you evaluate which ideas in your pipeline have the highest potential.
  • Identify hidden risk or future obstacles for a new product development project so that you can make adjustments earlier in the project.
  • Identify innovators in your market of choice to make insightful make vs. buy decisions.