JULY 2022

Ocean Science: sustainability concerns add urgency for research

The global importance of ocean science is undeniable.

Earth’s oceans cover approximately 70% of its surface, support most life on the planet and mediate how our climate changes. Oceans are also central to the rapidly growing ‘Blue Economy,’ contributing tens of millions of jobs and a GDP of trillions of dollars.

In a new report from the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI)™ at Clarivate, we use bibliometric data and analyses to identify existing and emerging research fields across all ocean basins, as well as the current collaboration pathways. This study allows us to identify gaps and trends in international ocean science collaborations, including the rapid upsurge of publications on microplastics, rise of Mainland China and absence of sub-Saharan Africa in global collaboration networks. Such information is essential for the effective growth of the ocean science community and the achievement of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal14: Life below water.

Download the report to see important findings in oceans research.


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