New strategies for pharma HCP targeting and engagement

How to update your sales and marketing approach to win in a disrupted landscape

Director, Analytics
Client Engagement

The COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare consolidation, shifting influences and other dynamics have drastically impacted commercial activities across pharma markets.

Companies need a more holistic view of which key stakeholders will move the needle, and a better understanding of where and how to engage them. Where are the hot spots and what are the access levers? Which channels are now most viable for reps and marketing communication?

How are pharma commercial teams updating their strategies and tactics to stay ahead?

Topics covered:

  • Key ways that COVID-19 and other market dynamics have reshaped HCP targeting and engagement
  • How to integrate data sources (e.g., claims, formulary, digital, etc.) to target, segment and prioritize best-fit HCPs and accounts
  • New considerations for harmonizing marketing and sales channels to grow HCP relationships in the post-pandemic landscape