Navigate the European Unitary Patent with confidence

The Unitary Patent (UP) is designed to protect IP rights across all participating European jurisdictions with a single filing, a single renewal fee and single court. But many rights holders have questions about this new patent protection option.

Clarivate can help, with an array of expert services to help navigate the new UP. Our unitary patent support services cover the full range of processes unique to the UP and the Unified Patent Court (UPC). Our European patent experts can help you meet crucial UP requirements and timelines, while reducing your workload.

Make informed decisions
We provide the information and support you need to make critical decisions regarding your patent protection strategy – whether you choose the Unitary Patent path, continue with the traditional method, or a combination of both.

Save time and effort
Clarivate patent renewal and validations solutions are fully configured to support UP requirements, streamlining critical tasks while helping ensure accuracy.

Act with confidence
Entrusting UP-related tasks to Clarivate frees your in-house resources to focus on core business activities, with confidence that your patent portfolio is in good hands.

Clarivate also offers opt-out support, including formatting and uploading opt-out requests to the UPC register, and translation services to fulfill UP requirements.

There is much more to learn about Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court, take a look at the resources below. If you have any questions our team of experienced patent experts are ready to help. Contact them today.